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Name: Brent Dougherty

Age: 41

Birthplace: El Cajon, CA

Curent home: Murrieta, CA

Family: Wife: Amy, Son: Nate, Daughter: Kaylen

Occupation: Construction Inspector

Time involved with hobby rocketry: About 4 years

Specific interests or aspirations with respect to hobby rocketry (other than SSTS):
"I like every aspect of Amateur Rocketry.  I enjoy high altitude and high velocity flights."

Accomplishments in rocketry:
TRA L3 #110322.  Many, many flights,  3 to 14,000 ft. @ Mach 2, Made lots of KN/SO motors and several different types of AP motors.

Other current projects:
Team leader of a group that is building a minimum diameter “Q” class rocket for “Balls” 2008 in Black Rock, Nevada,  attempting 100,000 ft.

Future projects:
"Anything that comes along that is challenging and extreme."

Other hobby or side interests:
Playing many instruments, mostly guitar, making wine, cooking, & martial arts.

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