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Name: Craig Strudwicke

Age: 36

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Control Systems Engineer (Team Lead)

Time involved with hobby rocketry: 7 years

Specific interests or aspirations with respect to hobby rocketry (other than SSTS):
Continue to learn and enjoy the hobby.

Accomplishments in rocketry:
L class Candy to L Class N2O Hybrid Two stage
Dual Phase Inline recovery system development
Group project launch of 60mm vehicle with onboard sensors including triaxial acceleration, pressure, attitude (yaw & pitch) + absolute roll angle (heading) sensing using a two axis magnetometer.

Other current projects:
Further development of Dual Phase inline recovery system.

Future projects:
Larger 2 stage vehicle with full complement of avionics and payload electronics.

Other hobby or side interests:
Organic Gardening, Looking after 12 Acres & a bunch of animals, Renewable Energy Systems, Home Brewing, Keeping Fit

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