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Name: Bob Krech

Birthplace: Dedham, Massachusetts, USA

Curent home: Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Occupation: Aerospace-Defense Scientist, M.S. Physical Chemistry, Principal Scientist at Physical Sciences Inc. in Andover, MA since 1976.  Incident Command/Responder on PSI Level A Hazmat Response Team, PSI Experimental Safety Review Committee Member, Explosives and Hazmat Shipper.

Involved with hobby rocketry: Decided to be an astronaut at age 7 when the call for Project Mercury astronauts went out.  Plans changed at 10 when I needed glasses so I decided to become an Aerospace Scientist…  Took every advanced math and science courses I could in high school.  I was recruited by Boston College in my junior year of high school, and got into model rocketry briefly in 1970 after freshman year.  I began full time research studying the kinetics of advanced liquid rocket propellants at end of sophomore year, graduated as a Scholar of the College in 1973 and remained in the research group for graduate school.   I received my MS in 1976 and accepted a position at Physical Science Inc. where I’ve worked on more than 100 aerospace and defense related programs including a number of spacecraft payload projects including STEP-3, Deep Space 1, the STS-39 mission, EOIM-3, and the AOM instrument on the Japanese module on ISS.  I’ve conducted research on high performance chemical, electric and laser powered rocket propulsion systems and co-developed and patented the gold standard orbital velocity atomic oxygen source used globally for ground based simulation of the chemical environment experienced by spacecraft in Low Earth Orbit, and was a member of a 2006 Expert Panel at NASA Ames  to  recommend arc-driven shock tube facility improvements for reentry heating experiments in support of the Orion heat shield development . 

Specific interest or aspiration with respect to hobby rocketry :
I got back into hobby rocketry in 1999 when I saw a new co-worker’s high power rocket leaning against his office wall…  Joined CMASS and NAR in 2000 and got interested in motor certification and joined NAR S&T.   Became CMASS Senior Advisor and was one of the CMASS members that revived NEMROC, and hosted NARCON 2010.  I also compiled the NAR S&T certification and testing procedures into a concise manual under the direction of Trip Barber, and have been a TARC mentor since the program inception. I’m a moderator of The Rocketry Forum and last summer I was a judge on the Science Channel’s LDRS XXXI Odd Roc competition hosted by Kari Byron… Tough work but someone had to do it…..

Involvement in SSTS:
I got started on the Sugar Shot to Space project in 2006 by volunteering to help with the recovery system design and sent my resume to Richard.  He decided that my safety background would be useful as the program’s Safety Lead…. I’ve exchanged many hundreds of pages of e-mail with Richard and others on a number of diverse topics such as propellant composition and manufacturing, airframe and structural design, electronics, and failure analysis, etc. and try to keep up with the activities at FAR.


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