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Name: Mario Alberto Escalante Medina

Age: 35

Birthplace: México, D.F.

Curent home: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Family: Married with a 3 yo. daughter.

Occupation: Home automation business owner and draftsman

Time involved with hobby rocketry: "Since I was 11 yo.... I bought the book Rockets and Missiles with my very first salary...I was impressed by these machines...Unfortunately in my country, this activity is practically unknown and as far as I know is prohibited..."

Specific interests or aspirations with respect to hobby rocketry (other than SSTS):
"As much as it is possible in my country."

Accomplishments in rocketry:
Small commercial rockets (ESTES).

Future projects:
"Maybe build my own rocket...at least
3D, ja, ja, ja...."

Other hobby or side interests:
3D Modeling, Linux, caving, books, computers, and many others.

Website: www.tecniaresidencial.com

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