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Name: Rick Maschek

Age: Fabulous Fifties

Birthplace: USA

Curent home: Mojave Desert, California

Family: Many generations

Occupation: Semi-retired chemistry & physics instructor, former firefighter/engine driver, mountain and desert rescue, mining industry, national park ranger, US Air Force aircraft avionics and many other things

Time involved with hobby rocketry:
My dad worked for Convair and later General Dynamics missile division but I have been interested in rocketry since the early Viking program, a TV show called Men into Space and Alan Shepard caused me to trade in my dinosaur toys (I am a geologist by education)

Specific interests or aspirations with respect to hobby rocketry (other than SSTS):
I Would like to make it as inexpensive as possible to help everyone enjoy the thrill. Would also like to eventually get my Tripoli Level III but my radio controlled 1/5th scale X-15 able to land gliding in is taking me a long time to finish

Accomplishments in rocketry:
I started flying around 1961 with an assortment of propellants (match heads, gun powder, zinc/sulfur when I got a copy of Rocket Manual for Amateurs by Captain Brinley and finally my own propellant designs in high school chemistry. Tried my first liquid fueled rocket in the 7-8th grade but a design flaw devastated my mom’s kitchen that ended my EX rocketry until high school. Geology won out over rocketry in college but later became a BAR when I became a science teacher and began having students do Estes kits and then scratch builds gradually getting into HP rocketry and Team America Rocket Challenge (TARC) with my students

Other current projects:
Besides casting the Sugar Shot grains, motor assembly, recovery systems and other things tasked to me on the project I am continuing (ever-so-slowly) on my X-15 level III Tripoli project, helping on Jeff Jakob’s R-hybrid team, “consulting” on several other projects on the NASA Centennial Challenge and Student Launch Initiatives, the N-Prize, Carmack's Challenge and others.

Future projects:
I would like to design an M-powered sugar rocket kit that costs under $50 for all parts including motor (less propellant) that would cost under $100 tops to launch

Other hobby or side interests:
I enjoy winter mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, spelunking, motorcycling, gardening, reading, web surfing, carpentry, movies, road trips, photography, volcanology (yes, I have burned my boots on molten lava), paleontology (I have been on numerous dinosaur digs), sewing, design & construction of things and of course volunteer search & rescue

Involvement in SSTS:
Got started on the Sugar Shot to Space project by simply volunteering to help recover the rocket or build custom chutes and it has led me to all sorts of cool and interesting facets of the project. It just may help me finish a goal that I thought was an impossibility as a youth because I was too tall for NASA to be an astronaut and thus could never get into space

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