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Name: Shawn McHatten

Age: 48

Birthplace: Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada

Curent home: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Family: "I was the oldest of 4 bad boys as my Mom used to say. I have been married for 28 years and have two sons aged 24 and 26. Both are impressed that their Dad got on such a cool project."

Occupation: Project Manager Bell Aliant Regional Communications, the incumbent telecommuncations company for the Atlantic provinces in Canada.

Time involved with hobby rocketry:
"I started model rocketry in my youth and like many let it slide. Over the last couple of years I have gotten back into it and started down the road of high power rocketry."

Specific interests or aspirations with respect to hobby rocketry (other than SSTS):
"I have a lot of different ideas that I would like to try with rockets. Both for the rockets themselves, like new recovery systems or motor designs but also for what they might be used for. Preferably for peaceful purposes."

Other current projects:
His certification rocket and experiments on motor design and propellant production methods.

Future projects:
"Bigger rockets with more capabilities. Especially motor design. I figure after SS2S then SS2O can’t be far behind. I think we’ll have to re-invent the motor again. Also working on the chemical formulations. You’d be surprised how much a 5% increase in ISP does for your delta-V."

Other hobby or side interests:

Woodworking, telescope making, vehicle remodeling, robotics, computer programming, computer vision and control, HAM radio and a host of others.

Website: www.mchatten.ca

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