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Project Description

DoubleSShot: Double Sugar Shot
Need a double shot of sugar? The DoubleSShot vehicle is a 60 % (approximate) scale version of the eXSShot vehicle and approximately twice the size of the MiniSShot vehicle. DoubleSShot will be another stepping stone in the quest to get to the edge of space for the Sugar Shot to Space Team. It is expected that after the launch of the MiniSShot (series) and the subsequent data reduction expected, further refinements to launch operations and the vehicle itself will be implemented and tested. DoubleSShot is expected to reach one-third of the Team’s ultimate altitude -- nearly 33 km. Static testing of the DoubleSShot motor is imperative before declaring the motor ready for flight. A fourteen-day turn-around and reflight of the launch vehicle and payload will be examined. DoubleSShot will also serve to test the ground support equipment that is to be used for launch, safety, transportation, and vehicle recovery procedures and for on-site propellant manufacturing capabilities for the larger eXSShot vehicle. As with MiniSShot, this vehicle is meant to be recovered intact for potential reuse.



· Attain an altitude greater than 30 km
· Obtain in-flight, real-time data on vehicle performance
· Perform in-flight tailoring of the vehicle flight profile by adjusting the delay between motor burns via on-board computer control
· To test the ground support services and equipment required to support the eXSShot flight.
· Verification of transport and all on-site assembly, testing and integration of vehicle and payload.
· Verification of launch and recovery operations for eXSShot vehicle
· Ensure security of all participants and general public and minimize environmental impact during all phases of the project
· Successfully recover the DoubleSShot vehicle after flight testing
· Obtain end user data via vehicle-to-ground communications link
· Test and verify end user payload in-flight operations
· Take measure of refurbishment and reflight readiness procedure by a turnaround time of less than 14 days

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