SS2S DoubleSShot Project -- Work Package Summary              Rev.2011-01-15
WP # Task Subject
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Goal: 2 Owners per task
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1 a   Launch Approval Location selection       released
1 b     Regulations        
1 c     Organize and prepare analyses for flight clearance        
1 d     Obtain permit        
2     Nosecone and fins thermal heating analysis     Cliff Bates   released
3 a   Propellant Procurement of chemicals       released
3 b     Premixing        
3 c     Melting & casting appartus        
3 d     Grain moulds        
3 e     Grain casting (2 static; 1 flight)        
3 f     Grain storage        
4 a   Boilerplate motor Assembly and detail part design       released
4 b     Nozzle        
4 c     Midbulkhead        
4 d     Forward Bulkhead        
4 e     Casings        
4 f     Casting tubes        
4 g     Delay Plug        
4 h     Pyrogen and igniter system        
5 a   Static/Flight motor Assembly and detail part design       Feb.26
5 b i   Nozzle Shell      
5 b ii     Ring      
5 b iii     Throat insert      
5 b iv     Ablative liner      
5 c i   Midbulkhead Shell      
5 c ii     Delay Plug      
5 c iii     Ablative liner      
5 c iv     Burst Diaphragm      
5 d     Forward Bulkhead        
5 e i   Casings Closure attachments      
5 e ii     Hydrostatic testing      
5 e iii     Thermal liner installation      
5 e iv     Joints region reinforcement      
5 f     Casting tubes Finishing/painting      
5 g     Pyrogen units        
6 a   Fins Design       released
6 b     Fabrication        
7 a   Nosecone Design       released
7 b     Fabrication        
8 a   Aft Avionics/Recovery Bays Design       Feb.12
8 b     Fabrication        
9 a   Airframe couplers Motor coupler       Feb.26
9 b     Nosecone coupler        
9 c     Taper couplers        
10 a   Payload & camera support structure Forward Avionics Bay       Mar.12
10 b     Aft Avionics Bay        
11 a   De-spin System Design   Xavier Savaris   released
11 b     Bench testing   Xavier Savaris    
11 c     Fabrication   Xavier Savaris    
11 d     In-situ testing   Xavier Savaris    
12 a   Recovery System Design       Feb.12
12 b     Chute sizing        
12 c      Fabrication of components        
12 d     Ground testing        
12 e     Flight testing        
13 a   Static Test Ground Support Thrust/pressure measurement       Jan.22
13 b     Thermal measurements        
13 c     Water dousing system        
13 d     Test rig to support motor        
14 a i Launch Ground Support Investigate launch platform options Choice of tower or rail     Feb.12
14 a ii     Investigate existing launchers      
14 a iii     Modification of existing launchers      
14 a iv   Design & implement mods Design new/mod launcher      
14 b     Procedure of Assembly of rocket & installation into launcher Fabricate new launcher/modify existing      
14 c     Procurement of ground support & safety equipment (rental/borrow/purchase)        
14 d     Launch Angle & Touchdown prediction        
14 e     Motor igniter shunt ejection device        
15 a   Proof loading Fins (mounted)       Mar.12
15 b     Nosecone        
15 c     Complete vehicle        
16     Flight Avionics See separate document for task descriptions and task owners.  
        For information about volunteering contact:  Richard Nakka