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Project Description

eXSShot: eXtreme Sugar Shot
X marks the spot. This is the full-scale vehicle, designed and manufactured to reach the 100 km target. This vehicle will be the culmination of all of the prior vehicle developments and separate efforts, such as the Short Stack (SS-TEM) and subsequent full-scale eXSShot static motor testing, in order to achieve the goal of reaching space. The eXSShot vehicle should carry an end user payload to the edge of space and safely recover the eXSShot vehicle and the payload. A key endeavor is to take measure of the reflight readiness procedures established with the DoubleSShot series in an attempt to make the launch vehicle and a different payload flight ready in less than fourteen days. This vehicle is meant to be recovered and potentially reused.



· Attain an altitude of at least 100 km (the official boundary of space)
· Obtain in-flight, real-time data on vehicle performance
· Optimize the vehicle flight profile by tailoring the delay between motor burns
· Obtain end user data via vehicle-to-ground communications link
· Successfully recover the eXSShot vehicle and end user payload after the flight
· Ensure security of all participants and general public and minimize environmental impact during all phases of the project
· Refurbishment and reflight readiness with a turnaround time of less than fourteen days

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