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June 13th, 2007

Since the last update, there have been some important and exciting changes to the Sugar Shot to Space program, as well as   some concrete developments. The project that was, is now a program, encompassing a cascade of projects that are intended to serve as key stepping stones on our journey to the edge of space. A brand new Scope document has been released, outlining these projects which involve a series of rocket test vehicles and test motors.

Our   aspiration is to incrementally work toward our ultimate goal. It is felt that the successes and failures of each intermediate project will serve as valuable learning tools, from both a   technological and an organizational perspective.

Other changes being implemented relate to vastly improving communication between members, a key to any successful program, and eventual reallocation of members into project-oriented groups. This latter change is also intended to maintain a steady interest and to generate a stream of challenges for our members.

The reorganization of Sugar Shot has recently given birth to the first exciting new project - MiniSShot ("Mini Sugar Shot"), which began recently and will climax with the launch of a 1/3 scale rocket vehicle before the year is out. A project manager and team has been selected, flight simulations have been performed, and a set of mission requirements are currently being ironed out. Regular website updates on MiniSShot progress are planned.

Not to be forgotten, the "Short Stack" (SS-TEM) motor project is continuing along at a steady pace. Some of the major components for this test motor, the largest sugar-propellant motor ever conceived,   have recently been completed. Photos and other visual media have already been posted on our Showcase webpage.

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