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Main sponsors

Markus Bindhammer
Markus Bindhammer is an enthusiastic experimental rocketeer, amateur
chemist, technician and mathematician. Markus resides in Shanghai, China
where he works as the CTO of a medium-sized company. Markus and his team
Selene was a former Google Lunar X Prize competitor

Manufacturer of High Quality Tools for Professional and Industrial use located in the industrial heartland of Spain. Although originally born as specialists in Piping Tools, EGA Master has diversified into other fields offering now the broadest range for the most demanding industries such as oil & gas, mining, aerospace, automotive or civil engineering.

EGA Master S.A. has donated a specialized torch which will be used for developing high-performance ablative insulation for nosecone and motor components. EGA Master had additionally donated over 1000 Euros worth of brand-new hand tools that will be used for fund-raising prizes.

MicroCFD is a small business providing computational fluid dynamics software and consulting services. The MicroCFD Virtual Wind Tunnel runs a highly parallelized aerodynamic flow solver with multi-core CPU and CUDA core GPU support.

MicroCFD has donated software licenses to SS2S and is offering technical support for the project.

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., a Dassault Systèmes S.A. subsidiary,
is a world leader in 3D solutions that help millions of engineers and
designers succeed through innovation. Our products deliver an intuitive
experience in product design, simulation, publishing, data management,
and environmental impact assessment.  For the latest news, information,
or an online demonstration, visit our Web site (www.solidworks.com).

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. has generously agreed to sponsor
Sugar Shot to Space by providing licenses for SolidWorks Premium
software; SolidWorks Simulation Premium software and SolidWorks Flow
Simulation software. These software packages will be of great benefit
for our rocket motor design and other CAD applicationsx

With more than 380,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries around the globe, Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems that helps organizations overcome complexity and unleash innovation.

Oracle has kindly donated two Sun Small Programmable Object Technology (SPOT) kits for our use on the SS2S program. Possible applications for SS2S include a vehicle monitorto collect data such as altitude, attitude, temperature, GPS feedback or to control aspects of the vehicle including parachute deployment or failure diagnosis.

As a special machine design, fabrication, and repair facility, Paul Brong Machine Works prides itself on being the "guys behind the guys" that keep machines running. Or as the very silent partner that develops the prototype.

Paul Brong has donated their services to produce complex nozzle components at a highly discounted cost.


Tru-Core manufactures motor making supplies, specifically for the EX-rocketry community. Products include coring sets and motor casings.

Tru-Core has donated custom-made mould parts for the MiniSShot project.

Pioneer Metal Works
Pioneer Metal Works, Inc. is a welding, fabrication and machine shop. They do a variety of projects from making metal art, repairing broken parts, to designing and building customized equipment and machinery.

Pioneer Metal Works has donated machining services for the SStS program. Special thanks to Duane and Chris for their many hours of expert machining skills provided at no charge.

Featherweight Altimeters LLC is a small business dedicated to providing the world's best altimeters designed for model rocketry.

Featherweight donated a Parrot altimeter for the MiniSShot project and
more recently has donated a Raven altimeter for our latest projects.


DATAQ Instruments specialize in data acquisition systems, with hardware and software solutions that address the entire spectrum of instrumentation.

DATAQ has supplied SS2S with discounted instrumentation amplifiers and has donated an advanced
DI-710 data logger. Thrust and chamber pressure measurements for upcoming rocket motor static firings will be acquired using these DATAQ Instruments data acquisition and data logger products.


Make a contribution to the Sugar Shot to Space program

Bronze Bronze donors

Chris North
Ole Kristian Hatlen
Edwin Brown
Gary Farmer
Charlie Partin
Ivar Mitri
James Salem
Andre Stavrakas
Jeppe Locht
Jeremiah Johnson
Mark Quinn
Hagen Hübner
Journey and Michael McDowell
Duncan McDonald
Ernest Perez
Jeff Maslo
Adria Zurriaga Llido
Jared Thompson
Geoffrey Gallo
Scott Fintel
Ben Wheeler
Brian Su
Dan Pollino (Inverse Engineering)
Fredrik Steen
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Up to $100
Silver Silver donors
Vicente Alvero Zambrano
Rick Maschek
Jaba Adams
Philippe Reignier
Paul Kelly
Benjamin Brockert
James Meyer
Arve Jorgen Haugland Tokheim
Paul Avery
Craig Strudwicke
Scott Jolley
Nicholas Edmunds
Denis Trontin
Timothy Mahaney
James Yawn
Scott Pearson
Alberton Berry
Matthew Campbell
Paul Lavin, Deepsky Rocket Shop
Shawn McHatten
Shannon Dyer
Dustin Brown
Guy Wadsworth

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$100 - $500
Gold Gold donors

Hans Olaf Toft
Mark LaBarre
Grant Saviers
Amateur Icelandic Rocketry (AIR)
Pioneer Metal Works Inc.
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$500 - $1000
Platinum Platinum donors
Chris King
Darrell Reamer
Clifford Bates
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$1000 -$5,000
Diamond Diamond donors

Markus Bindhammer
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$5000 - To infinity and beyond!

Donors of goods & services

Goods / Services
SKF (Spain)
Donated set of lip-seals for our Propellant Melting System
Ed Brown
Donated a TCLogger USB unit
Alex Canela
Pedro Brines
José Jimenez
Machining servicess.
Glaspol Composites
Donated one kilogram of epoxy resin and one kilogram of chopped fiberglass.
Circular Wireless
Donated a 910-1680 MHz heliaxial antenna.
Duckworks Magazine
1 kg of phenolic microspheres for ablator research.
350 g of phenolic microspheres for ablator research.
Polotsk-Steklovolokno, JSC
300 g of silica fiber for ablator research.
60 g of zirconium oxide and 60 gr of aluminium oxide for ablator research.
Two scales: a balance with capacity of 2 kg and an accuracy of 0.1 g.and one with capacity of 50 grams with accuracy of 0.01 gr.
100g basalt fiber, glass fiber and silica fiber
Faserverbundwerkstoffe Composite Technology
High temperature epoxy resin and hardener
Oscar Pazos Comesaña.
Machining services (PSD)
Modern Machine, Inc. (Wausau, Wisconsin)
Machining services
Flint Hapirat
Providing samples of KNO3 and sorbitol obtained from vendors
Marc Davis
CAD modeling/drawing services
Marco Torriani
Machining services
Randy Dormans
Donation of steel tubing for the DoubleSShot motor project
Mark Grant
Fabricating a set of composite fins

Monroe King (Team Prometheus )

Machining services
Andrew Burns
CAD design/modeling/drawing services
Jimmy Yawn
Aiptek 720P mini-camcorder
Salvatore Grado
Fund-raising merchandise
Blair Nakka
Machining services and supplying metal stock
Vanderlei Neias Júnior
Machining services
Márcio Luís Ueda
Machining services
James Moses
Donating a drum of sorbitol
Cliff Bates
Machining services
Marty Moyer
Metal casting services
Chris Hornby
CAD modeling/drawing services
Hans Olaf Toft

Netburner 5213 and development kit

Denis Trontin
Rocket motor parts
Dave McCue
Provider/maintainer of web server and mailing lists
Matthew McFarland Donated a large capacity ball-mill
Featherweight Altimeters Donated a Parrot and Raven altimeter
Teijin Aramid USA, Inc. Donated a supply of chopped Twaron aramid fiber
NetBurner Solutions Supplier of Development System for MOD5272 processor and the MOD5213
Apogee Compnents Donated Rocksim software
U.S. Rockets Donated phenolic tubing and paperboard casting tubes
Hexion Specialty Chemicals Donated 10 lbs each of Durite SC-1008 and SL-594 phenolic resins
Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) Provider of static test and rocket launch facilities for SS2S projects

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